Strengthened by the diversity of our school community, we believe that each child has the potential to meet high standards. With a deep commitment to the arts, our school strives to provide quality, academically rigorous, developmentally appropriate, standards-based instruction through integrated teaching practices that are experiential, child-centered and project-based. With the support of strong parent involvement and community partnerships, we create an environment that nurtures the soul artistically and academically. An ongoing, teacher-driven professional development program inspires a commitment to learning and ensures a sustainable future for all our students.

PS 295 is a community that embraces diversity by nurturing strengths and talents to educate the whole child socially, academically, culturally and artistically through differentiation in all facets of learning. In recognizing that all children learn in different ways, we believe that a curriculum that respects the arts cultivates a more meaningful discovery of self, enhances prior knowledge, supports content and language development and encourages a strong respect and appreciation for the arts. Strengthened by the commitment of our parent community, we value their participation and are dedicated to developing a strong partnership between home and school. Through collaboration and communication each member feels supported and encouraged to take risks, share ideas and become an active participant in their own learning. Our strong professional development program provides ongoing learning and leadership opportunities for all members, while offering students an exemplar for becoming lifelong learners and leaders of the future.