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The PS 295 Vision

The PS 295 story starts with a strong vision. Serving children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, we integrate the arts throughout our curriculum as a way to engage every student and foster a love of learning. We believe that this approach cultivates a more meaningful discovery of self, enhances prior knowledge, supports content and language development and encourages a strong respect and appreciation for the arts. As our children reach new levels of academic achievement, their participation in art, music, drama and dance fills our halls with creativity and inspiration.

We work hard to meet the needs of every member of our school community, providing extensive services and support for our special needs students and English language learners while ensuring that our high-performing students are consistently challenged. Our faculty and administration are committed to continuous professional development and educational best practices to ensure the best possible experience for our students.

We are also strengthened by the commitment of our parent community, whose participation helps us develop a strong partnership between home and school. Through collaboration and communication, each member of our community feels supported and encouraged to take risks, share ideas, and become an active participant in their own learning. Our highly active PTA helps us address needs from classroom technology—including a smart board for every classroom—to our music, dance, gym, library, and school garden programs.

Recognizing the importance of health as a foundation for learning and lifetime success, we participate in numerous programs such as Wellness in the Schools and Grow to Learn NYC. We maintain school gardens in our courtyard and in the surrounding neighborhood, and hold a weekly farmers market, launched with the support of the Park Slope Civic Council, in which our students learn about both fresh foods and small business as they explore the entire food chain from ground to table.

We’re proud of the success of our students and our school, and proud of the strong community of staff and family we’ve built through a shared dedication to our children’s future.

Our Mission

Strengthened by the diversity of our school community, we believe that each child has the potential to meet high standards. With a deep commitment to the arts, PS 295 strives to provide developmentally appropriate, standards-based instruction through integrated teaching practices. Collaborative parent and community partnerships, professional development, and the cultivation of a love of learning build a sustainable future for all children.

Our History

P.S. 295 was created in 1994 to accommodate the growing number of elementary school-aged children in the neighborhood. Our school was designated The Studio School of Arts and Culture—a Magnet School—in 2001 as an empowerment school dedicated to the arts. This heritage continue to play a central role in our identity and philosophy.

For 10 years, we shared our building with the original occupant of the building, P.S. 146, whose designation still adorns the entrance to the school. Today we share our building with M.S. 443: New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts.

Our building, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004, was designed by C.B.J. Snyder, renowned architect and superintendent of school buildings for the NYC DOE. Snyder’s “H-Design,” huge double-hung windows and use of insulating building materials allow light and air to move freely about the building, creating an accommodating learning environment for all seasons. The 19th St. entrance to the school was recently embellished with dozens of tiles hand painted by students.

What’s Being Said About Us

99% parents satisfied with the quality of their child’s teacher
97% parents satisfied with the education their child received
99% parents feel welcome in their child’s school
98% parents feel the school keeps them informed about their child’s academic progress
—NYC DOE School Learning Environment Survey 2011 – 2012

“Achievement at The Studio School of Arts and Culture is strong. All students at the school broaden their education by studying the arts through drama, dance, art and music, along side a rigorous academic program. The principal has built a collaborative learning community, which sets the tone for the school’s work. Teachers are flexible in their instructional approaches and willing to try new things. The school has a warm atmosphere, the displays of colorful art and academic work linked with rubrics contributes effectively to this.”
NYC DOE Quality Review Report, 2007 (most recent) (.pdf)

“A small, sweet school with an arts focus, PS 295 in South Park Slope has a stable staff, including many working artists, and attracts parents from all over Brooklyn. … There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in the school; everyone knows every child by name. Art work fills the hallways, as do children’s self-portraits and projects, examples of students’ writing are posted in classrooms. … Principal Deanna Marco was a teacher, literacy coach, and assistant principal at PS 295 before becoming principal in 2006. She has made math a high priority and it has paid off, with math scores rising 30 percent between 2004 – 2008.”

“On April 9, 2011, hundreds of parents and children converged on the street in front of P.S. 295 in Brooklyn for the couldn’t-miss event of the season: The ‘Touch- A-Truck’ fund-raiser.… The sensational event thrilled the tots—not to mention the school’s P.T.A., often referred to as ‘the little engine that could.’ … With budget cuts a harsh reality at every level of education, the school’s parents, teachers and students band together to do their share, and then some.”
—The New York Observer’s Rankings of New York’s Top 160 Schools: 2012