First Day of School

For everyone joining PS 295 for the first time tomorrow (or returning families who need a refresher!) please see the PS 295 First Day 101 guide with the basics on what will be happening tomorrow. 201718 PS295 1st Day 101

K-5  Drop  Off  is  at  8:20  am  in  the  19th  St.  Courtyard. PreK  parents, please  see  drop  off  and  pick  up  instructions  in  your  mailed  letter.  All  families  are  invited  upstairs to  the  classroom. Kindergarten  pickup  will  be  at  11:40 am  on  September  7th  (only),  1st  -5th  graders  pickup  will be  at  2:40.

After  going  up  to  your  child  or  children’s  classroom(s)  come  have  bagels  and  coffee  in  the  19th  Streetcourtyard  with  the  PS 295  PTA  and  learn  all  about  the  great  events  and  opportunities  we  have  planned  for  this year. 

Happy first day, everyone! 


Summer Garden Care at PS 295

Are you interested in helping out with our lovely garden? We are looking for people to help care for it this summer and beyond. This summer it will need daily watering to survive the heat — my kids LOVED doing it last year (hello strawberries and mint?!) To sign up, go to We would also like to brainstorm ways to make our garden more accessible to the 295 Community next year. If you would like to be part of the conversation, please email Rebecca at


Staff Appreciation Lunch

We hosted a yummy luncheon on Monday, June 12, to show our appreciation for our teachers and staff. Your kids’ quotes were a hit! Thank you Maria Tenaglia and parent volunteers for organizing.

Spring Arts Festival and Burning Bright

The Spring Arts Festival was a resounding success! The artwork was amazing and so many of you came to see it on Friday, June 9 (a departure from our traditional Saturday). Thank you Ms. Shen for bringing such beautiful and comprehensive art education to our children, and then exhibiting it in such a magical way. Thank you Jess Mabli, Cupcake Friday Queens and everyone who volunteered. Photos are on Facebook and our annual issue of Burning Bright is on its way, so you have a memento of all the wonderful art created this year.


School Supply Order Lists

Have you ordered your school supplies for next year yet? This year our pre-packaged supply orders are available through for your convenience. This is a tremendous time-saver compared to shopping for the items individually, and orders are delivered directly to the school. Paper orders were due by June 21, and online orders are due June 26th. Here’s a PDF of all the order lists by grade: PS 295 Supply Kits 2017

To order online go to Mulee - USA school supplies, student supply kits and enter our school code, 0390.

Get it off your to-do list before summer starts!

Library Open After School

The library is open after school Tuesday afternoons from 2:40-4:00 pm. Fourth- and fifth-graders are welcome without an adult if they have a signed permission slip on file. Theycan sign up on Fridays to reserve a spot (limited to up to 25 students). Students from earlier grades are welcome to visit the library at this time with an adult.

Welcome New Executive Committee Members

At this past Tuesday’s PTA meeting we voted in our new Executive Committee members for the coming 2017-2018 school year. Next year’s EC is a dynamic mix of parents new to 295 and parents who have had children in the school for as long as 15 years. We look forward to working with you on the PTA for the 2017-2018 school year!

Co-Presidents: Tamara Damon (incumbent) and Vibha Ciecko
VP Programs and Development: Katrina Motch
VP Parent Engagement: Rebecca Stein (incumbent)
VP Events: Emilio Fontan Jr.
Treasurers: Sara Kunin and Jasmin Castro
Secretaries: Jannelle Gellizeau and Katharine James

And many, many thanks to outgoing members for their leadership, time and commitment: Ellen Cerniglia, Megan Saynisch, Carolyn Stirling, Marielle Anzelone, Lyle Kenny, Tina Habib, Esther Sikorsky and Josh Goldstein. Congratulations on another great year!


Spring Arts Festival Needs Volunteers

A beautiful showcase of student art, curated by our very own Ms. Shen, will be presented Friday, June 9 from 5-8pm. Come see your child’s art! This free event will also have music, food, open mic, henna, art projects, sewing, games and our annual Toy Raffle with Super Soakers!

  • We need volunteers. We need people for all shifts in the food area, toy raffle, art projects and games in the courtyard. The shifts are one hour each: 5-6 pm; 6-7 pm; 7-8 pm; set up at 4pm; clean up at 8pm.

    • 3pm - finishing touches for art gallery. Ms. Shen and anyone else who would like to help

    • 4-5pm - set up for food, games, art projects, dj, face painting, henna, sewing

    • 5-8pm - event

    • 8-9 – cleanup

  • Carolyn Stirling has graciously offered to handle all things food related, but she will need parents to work the food area during the event.  As of now we are thinking of doing a bbq — hotdogs and veggie dogs.  I’m asking for any family that is able to bring a side dish to share.

  • We need someone to DJ or manage an iPod playlist, and/or supervise the open mic area (including set up
    • with a speaker system we have in-house.)

    Thank you for helping out! — Jess (Annabelle, 4th & Juliette, 1st)

Library Open After School on Tuesdays

The library is open after school Tuesday afternoons from 2:40-4:00 pm. Fourth- and fifth-graders are welcome without an adult if they have a signed permission slip on file. They can sign up on Fridays to reserve a spot (limited to up to 25 students). Students from earlier grades are welcome to visit the library at this time with an adult.