Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival Procedures
In an effort to ensure safety for all children we will continue with the same arrival and dismissal procedures. The overall goals of these procedures are for parents to remain outside of the building during arrival and dismissal to provide smooth and safe transitions for staff and children while continuing to welcome parents into the building to be a part of their child’s education. The procedures have been collaboratively developed with the School Leadership Team with the following themes in mind: safety, respect for family, existing community bond, and the importance of communication with staff and other parents.

PS 295 entrance for arrival and dismissal will be held on the 19th street courtyard only. ** Parents who enter through the 18th street entrance during arrival or dismissal will be asked to walk around the building to the 19th street entrance. To find out more about arrival procedures including early arrival for breakfast and inclement weather, please consult the Parent Handbook.

Dismissal Procedures

Afternoon pick-up is in the 19th Street courtyard at 2:40 p.m. Students in grades K-5 will be escorted out of the building by their teachers using the assigned dismissal doors below. Parents will not be permitted to wait inside the building during dismissal. Students will be brought out into the courtyard by their teachers.

All students who have not been picked up will be brought to the cafeteria near the water machine where an administrator and safety agent will supervise late pick-ups. Parents will be required to sign their child out in the “late book” as parent lateness is recorded. Please keep in mind that consistent lateness can be upsetting for the child and is disruptive to the staff.

To leave school before dismissal, children must be signed-out in the main office by their parent/guardian. To find out more about the dismissal procedures or lateness, please read the Parent Handbook.