Health & Safety

Blue Emergency Contact Cards
All parents MUST complete two blue emergency cards, one will remain in the main office and one is for the teacher. Any changes to students’ blue card, i.e. address and/or phone numbers, emergency contact etc. must be made in the main office.

If you need to reach your child in an emergency, call the main office at 718-965-0390 and a message will be delivered to your child’s classroom as quickly as possible. If you cannot reach the main office, you may also call Sergio Borrero, the PS 295 Parent Coordinator at 718-965-0390 x 4105. If he is not available, please call Enid Parra, the MS 443/New Voices Parent Coordinator at 347-563-5377.

If a student has a minor accident during school hours, a classmate will escort the student to the nurse’s office for first aid. The school nurse will notify you via telephone or letter. If a student has an emergency during school hours, the school will contact the parents/guardians and others listed on the child’s Emergency Contact Card. Blue emergency contact cards are extremely important. They must be up to date at all times with current phone numbers and addresses. They also must include any allergies!!


Young people die from cardiac arrest on school and college campuses every year. In fact, according to the Mid America Heart Institute, 5,000-7,000 children and adolescents die from sudden cardiac arrest in the U.S. annually. Most of them could probably have been saved with prompt defibrillation. The sad reality is that anyone can be a victim — even young and seemingly healthy people. For this reason the DOE has made a concerted effort to increase awareness and help schools be prepared to respond immediately with the proper care. In accordance with DOE regulations, we have trained a team of building members in the use of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and a DEFIBULATOR (AED) AED).

The AED unit is located next to the security desk at the 18th Street entrance (the main entrance). In the event of a medical emergency, staff members are instructed to contact the main office or one of the principals’ or assistant principals’ offices if no trained responders are in the vicinity.