Visual Art
The visual arts experience at PS 295 focuses on play, choice, and art making as elemental processes for learning and creativity. In the art studio learning is open-ended, encourages creativity as a process, and allows for discovery and innovation. Students will observe, create, recreate, and reflect through a variety of materials and resources

The PS 295 Drama program is designed to educate students about fundamental and unique aspects of theater, exploring both process and performance. Students learn to express themselves in many ways: create characters, write and act out scenes with dialogue, improvisation, adapt fairytales, international folktales and fiction books into plays, create and explore storytelling through world puppetry. Students work independently or together in small or large groups to discover new ideas, think critically and use their imagination in theater. All students learn basic acting techniques and theater terminology for their grade level. 1st-4th grade classes have a group sharing for parents (in the spring.) Each year, many fourth and fifth graders are involved in the school and community wide winter theatrical production.

Creative Movement
Creative Movement at PS 295 combines traditional physical education with a focus on basic gross motor skills, fitness and various sports skills and also movement and dance with a dance teacher in residence in the spring.

Music classes at PS 295 support students in developing an understanding of music through singing, playing instruments, performing rhythms, moving to music, and listening. The music curriculum at PS 295 is holistic, taking into account students’ physical, social, cognitive, and aesthetic development. The curriculum aligns with the NYC Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Music and addresses the Blueprint’s five strands of music learning: music making, music literacy, making connections to other disciplines, community and cultural resources, and careers and lifelong learning.

Grades Pre-K through 5 have weekly science classes where they engage in hands-on learning and are provided with opportunities for exploration. Fourth and Fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in a Science Fair in the spring.

Seeds of Kindness
All grades will receive special instruction in this unique special focusing on social emotional learning. The teacher will use a proactive approach to establish the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students in our school to achieve social, emotional and academic success.