Drama Sharings This Spring!

There will be Drama Sharings for 1st through 4th grades this spring. You are invited to see some of the work that your child is doing in drama class.

This is similar to what we have done in previous years. These are informal sharings of some of the work the students have been doing in drama class, rather than performances. We thought it would be nice to have you observe an actual drama class in the drama room. The drama room is located on the main floor, off the side of the large cafeteria.

Please come in on the 18th street side, sign in and you’ll be asked to sit at one of the tables until your Sharing begins.

Since space is rather limited, I’ve included the dates for each class so you’ll be able to join us on that particular date. There won’t be enough seats for everyone in the drama room so you’re welcome to sit on the floor or stand “off-stage.”

Each Sharing will be held from 8:30-9:00am.

First Grade Drama Sharings:
Monday, March 27th – 1-111 Drama Sharing 8:30AM
Friday, March 31st – 1-112 Drama Sharing 8:30AM
Tuesday, April 4th – 1-113 Drama Sharing 8:30AM

Second Grade Drama Sharings:
Friday, April 21st, class 2-106
Friday, April 28th, class 2-107

Third Grade Drama Sharings:
Monday, May 8th, class 3-105
Tuesday, May 9th, class 3-103
Thursday, May 11th class 3-104

Fourth Grade Drama Sharings:
Wednesday, April 26th, class 4-206
Thursday, April 27th, class 4-102

 If you are unable to attend, you will still have an opportunity to see your child’s work. Some projects can be brought home. And we will take photos and videos, if possible.

Reminder- Please join “ps295drama” Instragram account and see some of the great work that all grades are doing in drama class!

– Ms. Cat