First Day of School

For everyone joining PS 295 for the first time tomorrow (or returning families who need a refresher!) please see the PS 295 First Day 101 guide with the basics on what will be happening tomorrow. 201718 PS295 1st Day 101

K-5  Drop  Off  is  at  8:20  am  in  the  19th  St.  Courtyard. PreK  parents, please  see  drop  off  and  pick  up  instructions  in  your  mailed  letter.  All  families  are  invited  upstairs to  the  classroom. Kindergarten  pickup  will  be  at  11:40 am  on  September  7th  (only),  1st  -5th  graders  pickup  will be  at  2:40.

After  going  up  to  your  child  or  children’s  classroom(s)  come  have  bagels  and  coffee  in  the  19th  Streetcourtyard  with  the  PS 295  PTA  and  learn  all  about  the  great  events  and  opportunities  we  have  planned  for  this year. 

Happy first day, everyone!