Halloween Danceathon
“Dia de los Muertos”

PS295Halloween2015English for webThis year’s Halloween Danceathon & Pledge Drive will be Saturday, October 29, from 5–7:30! This fun nighttime party is a great kick-off to your Halloween season and our pledges raise money to support PTA and school programs.

Get an early start—download a pledge form here:

Danceathon Pledge Sheet

Hoja de promesa de patrocinio

Here are some tips and answers to some of our FAQs.

Use the pledge sheet to log and collect pledges. Each child at PS 295 has a group of adults who love and care about their education—grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, etc. Please consider asking your extended family to help support our school. We’d be thrilled if every student could raise $20. We understand that some families can raise more, others less—please just do what you can.
• Bring your sheet and pledge money to Danceathon and present at the door. Make sure to check in. Your child’s attendance will be counted toward an ice cream party awarded to the class with the highest attendance.
• Can’t make it to Danceathon? Turn in your pledges any time before October 29. Just submit in an envelope with your child’s name/grade/teacher and label “2016 Danceathon.” Give it to your teacher or drop it in the PTA mailbox in the main office.
Donate Online. It’s quick, easy and shareable! Copy and paste this link: http://www.ps295.org/pta/halloween-danceathon-donation-page and send to friends and family.
• Share on Facebook. Just copy and paste into your post:
Every year our fabulous school PS 295 has a Halloween Danceathon. They have a blast and we all raise money through pledges for the PTA. Would you consider sponsoring (INSERT KIDS NAME HERE) to dance? It’s super easy to donate online—click here. Be sure to write your child’s name on the form! Donating online also gives you a receipt which you can use for a tax deduction since the PS 295 PTA is a 501(c)3 charity. Thanks – I’ll be sure to send you pictures!

REMEMBER: Everyone in the PS 295 community is welcome regardless of whether they secure pledges. Please join us for a great night to celebrate our community!


What is a Danceathon? Isn’t it something that my grandparents used to do in the last century?
The Danceathon concept is alive and well! It’s a party where students secure pledges of money for each song they dance to. Folks usually pledge any amount per dance—10 cents, 25 cents, one dollar, several dollars per dance, etc. However, for our Danceathon, a flat-rate pledge is suggested. Every child who is dancing for money will get a dance card that they wear around their neck. Parents give stickers to each dancer at the end of each song to keep track.

What is Dia de Muertos?
Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a traditional Mexican celebration that starts on Halloween. It is a colorful, vibrant, and FUN celebration of life and a way to honor and remember those who have passed. Altars with photos of family members, their favorite foods, skeleton figurines, and flowers are built. Items and decorations for the traditional altar we are building are needed. Please contact Esther at megeuan@gmail.com.

Will there be food available? Will it cost money?
Yes, affordable options for dinner will be available (a traditional Mexican entrée and pizza, most likely). We are also asking our families to bring in baked goods that we will sell for dessert. Prices are typically $1-$3 per item.

I’m free on Saturday October 29 and would love to volunteer.
Thanks! This is definitely a fun event to participate in. Sign up for shifts to help decorate, sell food, hand out stickers, etc. The Danceathon Sign Up Genius is here.You can also email Esther at megeuan@gmail.com with additional questions.

My little ones might be freaked out by darkness of the dance floor—what to do?
It’s a Halloween party, so it will be on the dark side with appropriate decorations, but the effect is more of a dance club (flashing colored lights) than a haunted house (nothing will jump out at them, no creepy noises, etc.) We hope to make it as enjoyable as possible for the whole school community—spooky enough for the older kids to find it cool, but not too scary for the little ones! Here are a few tips:
• Prepare younger kids beforehand by reassuring them that it’s a costume party full of the same kids they go to school with—no actual monsters or menace of any kind.
• Show your child photos from last year’s event so they know what to expect. Check out our Facebook Album “Halloween Danceathon 2015” here.
• Bring a flashlight or glow sticks! Having their own source of light might help turn it into an adventure.
• Keep the 18th St. courtyard and kitchen in mind. The party will start well before dark, and there are always kids playing and taking breaks outside. The kitchen will be fully lit for food sales, so it’s always a good place to escape the gloom.

Are costumes required?
Everyone in the Halloween mood should come in costume! And if you’re not feeling it that day, just come ready to boogie.

My family’s not exactly ready for Dancing with the Stars. Will we be embarrassed?
Not to worry. The lights will be turned down low and the room will be filled with kids doing what feels natural. Whatever kind of dancer you are, you’ll fit right in.

Any questions that we didn’t answer? Contact Esther at megeuan@gmail.com