Visual Art

The visual arts experience at PS 295 focuses on play, choice, and art making as elemental processes for learning and creativity. In the art studio learning is open-ended, encourages creativity as a process, and allows for discovery and innovation. Students will observe, create, recreate, and reflect through a variety of materials and resources.

Play is of great importance in the art room, as it nurtures creativity through flexibility. A child is empowered to make choices in how he or she explores a subject through play. Play can be experienced verbally and non-verbally;therefore, it is all-inclusive and not intimidating. Children can engage in play individually or collaboratively. Play is the realm for safe exploration, risk taking, and creativity.

Play and Art go hand in hand. The element of choice in Play is key to a meaningful learning experience. Students need to become active learners and have opportunities in the classroom to make personal choices that effect an outcome. Students can base their choices on their strengths, as well as engage in experiences that will develop areas of weakness. Visual Arts provide a flexible realm in which to foster a variety of learning styles . When experienced with choice, learning is pursued wholeheartedly, expands outside of the classroom, and promotes lifelong learning.

Pre K and Kindergarten: Students will be exposed to various art techniques and skills that are useful to art making and expression. Projects will begin with play-based themes. Projects will change according to the needs and desires of the students. Free play and art making will be experienced individually and in groups

First and Second Grades: Students will continue to engage in new techniques, processes, and skills. Projects will mostly be play-based and student-led. Studio time will consist of class projects and Free Time. Free time is a time when students can explore a material or choose an independent project amongst a selection of art materials and techniques. Students can engage in individual and group projects.

Third and Fourth Grades: Students will continue to engage in new techniques, processes, and skills. They may also revisit materials and techniques from the past with the objective of experiencing the process in a new way or revising their prior experiences with a material or technique. Students will engage in individual and group projects. Students will continue to have “Free time” to create and experience art independently or with partners.

Fifth Grade: Students will engage in independent projects in which they have a selection of materials and techniques they have discovered throughout their years at PS 295. Students will continue to discover new materials and methods and have “Free time” in between projects.

FREE TIME: This time is a free period (or multiple periods in a row) in which students can choose amongst a selection of materials and techiques that they have experienced in the art studio. Students will have access to a wide selection of traditional art materials, as well as, recycled materials donated by students and their families. Many objectives can be explored during Free time. Students may explore a material in a new way, create a project that they have been thinking about, or explore an idea that has not been addressed in a class project. *Note: This is a popular time for the children to create an independent project and its success relies on the donation of materials from home.

This is a small list of suggested donations for the art studio. Please feel free to donate any items you may have. You may think a small piece of plastic is garbage, but that small piece of plastic can be turned into a robot part. Don’t hold back on your donations. The kids are REALLY creative! Anything that is clean and ends up in your recycling bin can become a great art project. AND anything can be hot-glued (by the teacher of course)!

  • paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • corks
  • caps
  • yogurt cups
  • boxes (small and large)
  • toy parts
  • fabric
  • papers
  • buttons
  • string
  • folders