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This Month's Celebration

Jewish Heritage Month


Dear Families,


During the month of May we commemorate Jewish American Heritage. This month’s study has three main objectives.


First, it is an opportunity for us to honor the many contributions & accomplishments of Jewish Americans in the fields of art, music, literature, science, social/political activism.


Second, this study is an opportunity for students to deepen their intercultural understanding and knowledge of Jewish culture. Themes in this study include family, intergenerational relationships, and friendship.


Third, developmentally appropriate books about the Holocaust were curated to share the stories of survivors from their point of view. They’re stories that celebrate strength, courage, and resistance. Sharing these stories lays the foundation and prepares our students in deepening their understanding of the Holocaust and antisemitism in the upper grades and beyond. These stories are an invitation for students to develop empathy and respect for Jewish people. Given the rise of antisemitic acts across our country and the long history of hate and oppression Jewish people have faced throughout history, lessons such as these are imperative for all students in every grade.


In addition to links for grades K-2 and grades 3-5 in the Virtual Rooms list above, we have also included two links below for talking about the Holocaust through a developmentally appropriate lens with your children.


In Unity,

Lisa Pagano & The DEI Committee



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