The mission of our family-teacher association (FTA) is to expand and enhance the opportunities for education and personal growth available to each student at PS 295. This takes many forms:

  • By planning and assisting in events and programs that bring our diverse school family together to get to know each other and connect.

  • By raising funds through events, programs, donations, grants, and other sources, we help the school provide programs in all areas including music, dance, and technology.

  • By helping our school community understand the opportunities available to us and by making sure our needs and concerns are understood and addressed by the school’s leadership.​

FTA meetings are held on a Tuesday, once a month, at 6:00 PM.

(via Zoom until it’s safe)

Each spring, the FTA membership elects parents and caregivers to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) in the roles listed at right. Terms last one year with a two-year limit. The EC meets once each month to discuss FTA business, events and programs, as well as various issues in the school and its community. You should feel free to contact your EC members any time you have questions or issues you’d like to talk over. 

EC meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

(via Zoom until it's safe)

PTA Executive Committee

Tina Habib
Una Weiss


Co-Vice Presidents, Communications
Ariel Rivera

Emily Brennan


Kelli Kathman

Jill Bloch


Liz Teixiera

Liz Lindenhovius

Co-Vice Presidents, Development & Programs

Maria Tenaglia

Carrie Jabinsky


New Families Ambassador
Jacqueline Cornett

​Iman Yahia

Co-Vice Presidents, Events

Silissa Kenney

Jessie Sell

  • 2021.06 Jun - English / Español

  • 2021.05 May - English / Español

  • 2021.04 Apr - English / Español

  • 2021.03 Mar - English / Español

  • 2021.02 Feb - English / Español

  • 2021.01 Jan - English / Español

  • 2020.12 Dec - English / Español

  • 2020.11 Nov - English / Español

  • 2020.10 Oct - English / Español

  • 2020.09 Sep  - English / Español