Community Education Council 15 (CEC 15)

What are Community Education Councils?

Community Education Councils, created by the New York State Legislature, are the local bodies responsible for ensuring that public school parents and the public have input in educational decision making at the  school district level.  There are 32 CECs and 4 City-Wide Councils in New York City, one for each school district.  They work with elementary and middle schools in their district. CECs operate independently of the New York City Department of Education, and act as liaisons between the public and DOE. All CEC members are volunteers, they receive no compensation for their work but can receive limited reimbursements for expenses.

Community Education Council District 15

Community Education Council District 15 (CEC15) reviews education policies and advocates for high quality education that benefits all of our public elementary and middle school students in District 15. Independent of the Department of Education, CEC15: 

  • Serves as an advisory role on education matters to the District Superintendent, the Chancellor of the Department of Education, and elected officials. 
  • Approves district school zoning lines submitted by the Department of Education. 
  • Evaluates the district superintendent. 
  • Reviews the district's educational programs. 
  • Supports SLTs.
  • Holds joint public hearings with DOE on proposals affecting schools in our district. 
  • Submits recommendations for the School Construction Authority's (SCA) annual capital plan.

CEC15 is made up of 11 members, nine elected (including one IEP parent and one ELL parent) and two appointed by the Brooklyn Borough President. A state-mandated public body, CEC15 conducts at least two monthly meetings, which, are always open to the public and comments from the community on educational issues are welcomed at the monthly Calendar Meetings. Input from the community is also welcomed via phone, mail and email correspondence.

Mission & Vision

CEC 15 believes that every child is entitled to a high quality education, a safe and healthy school environment, and equal educational opportunities.  The mission of CEC15 is to promote and support the educational needs of District 15 public elementary and middle school students.

CEC15 is dedicated to a meaningful, innovative and inclusive way of educating children that allows students to thrive in every aspect of their enriched academic, social and emotional growth. Our collaborative, successful and high achieving schools embrace diversity in every form and encourage each of our students to explore their interests in finding and nurturing their many hidden talents. In partnership with families, our school leaders and educators help our children and young adults find their voice, build self-confidence and develop their ability to become independent thinkers and productive, caring people responsible for shaping an equitable society.

We believe that every child has an innate capacity to love learning, is filled with possibility and has the potential for greatness. We are committed to supporting that greatness.

We invite all members of our school communities to partner with us in making this vision a reality.

Community Education Council Information

District 15 Superintendents Office

Our Vision: District 15 will ensure equitable opportunities for success that empower our diverse communities to value and nurture every student’s strengths.
Our Mission: District 15’s mission is to provide equitable opportunities for success that values and nurtures our students, building upon their strengths so they may become empowered members of our diverse community.

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