WELCOME TO PS 295! Please see below for important information from Principal Lisa Pagano

Seven Period Schedule

Our school day is still 8:20-2:40 pm for all students. However, this year we will have a new seven-period day which simply means that there will be five minutes in between each period so students and teachers will have the time they need to get to specials and lunch.

Curriculum and Coaching:

For this school year, I'm excited to share that Christine Ellrodt and Williy Pang will be sharing the position of Academic Coach. Ms. Ellrodt will continue her work with our K-2 teachers and Mr. Pang will be working with our 3-5 teachers. When they are not working in their role as coaches, they will be working as the second teacher with Ms. Fallon in 5-215. We are also fortunate to have Donna Lopez-Lizardo joining us again as our ULit Coach.


Grades K-2 will be using a new literacy program called Superkids that will provide more of a focus on foundational skills. Pre-K-2 will also be using Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Drills as an added support for the lower grades. F & P Running Records will be utilized to support students in continuing to use our leveled libraries along with the new literacy program. To support upper-grade literacy skills, in grades 3-5, an additional vocabulary/grammar program will be used starting in October.

Safety & Covid Protocols:

Safety protocols for this year will be just as precise and organized as last year but adapted to current requirements. I've included the link to what I shared on Class Dojo last week for you to review, DOE Homecoming Health & Safety Guide. This will give you an idea as to how procedures will go for Covid testing, procedures for students with symptoms, lunch, temperature checks, etc. I will continue to update you with any changes that are made. I will also explain this in more detail during the Homecoming Town Hall on Thursday, September 9th at 5:00 pm. This meeting will be recorded so it can be viewed at any time. All classrooms and the cafeteria/courtyard will be able to maintain the 3’ distancing rule and each room has 2 air purifiers, an air conditioner, and windows that can be opened for ventilation. No rooms without windows will be used. All DOE staff members have been told they must have at least the first dose of the Covid vaccine by September 27th followed by the second dose no later than 45 days after the first dose. 

Arrival, Lunch, and Dismissal:

In order to help us make arrival go smoothly, please use this link daily to complete the Health Screening for your child. This will enable them to not have to have a temperature check and then can go right to their class lines. DOE Health Screening. If students don’t have the screening complete, we will have paper copies of this screening and we’ll do temperature checks prior to the students entering the building. 


Early Drop-Off & Arrival:

Arrival will begin with early drop-off at 7:45 am to be supervised by myself and a team of assigned staff members. Parents will not be permitted into the courtyard to help us maintain as much social distancing as possible. However, on inclement weather days, parents can walk through the 19th courtyard to the double doors to drop their children off at arrival to staff members and then leave to avoid crowding outside.



Sonia Caban will still have bagged breakfasts to be picked up by students daily on their way in from the courtyard with their teachers as we did last year. The first 10 minutes can be used for students to eat breakfast in their classrooms.



  • Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten will continue to eat lunch in their classrooms at 11:05 am and then go outside at a different time for recess. Coverages have been decided and listed on the schedule.

  • We will have two lunch periods in the cafeteria:

    • Grades 4 & 5 at 12:00-12:50 pm. 

    • Grades 1-3 from 12:55-1:45 pm.

    • The first lunch period will be with MS 443 and the second will be for only our school. 

  • Due to the second lunch period being later than usual, I have arranged for grades 1-3 to have snacks from the kitchen. 

  • We will place Xs on the cafeteria tables to help students maintain proper distancing. As in the past, we will have half of the students eat first and the others outside for recess and then they will switch. 



Dismissal will be staggered again this year and we will be utilizing different exits in order to maintain as much social distancing as possible. Students will continue to be brought back into the courtyard at the end of the day if they are not picked up and they will stand on the Xs for their class.

  • 2:30 pm

    • Grades 4 will exit through Exit 3 (marble staircase to 19th street level closer to MS 88.)

    • Grade 3 will exit through Exit 6 (double doors on 19th street) and bring their classes to the top of the stairs. Teachers in partnerships can assist students leaving more smoothly and quickly.

    • Grade 5 will exit through Exit 9 (marble staircase to 19th street closer to the park)


  • 2:35 pm

    • Grade 2 will exit through Exit 6 (double doors on 19th street) and bring their classes to the top of the stairs. Teachers in partnerships will assist.

  • 2:40pm

    • Kindergarten will exit through Exit 3 (marble staircase to 19th street closer to MS 88.)

    • Grade 1 will exit through Exit 6 (double doors on 19th street) and bring their classes to the top of the stairs. Teachers in partnerships will assist.

    • Pre-K will exit through Exit 9 (marble staircase to 19th street closer to the park)

    • All remaining students should be escorted to their line spots to remain with the principal and her team until they are picked up. All teachers and staff are free to leave the courtyard at this time.

    • On inclement weather days, teachers will take their students out quickly and then bring them to the cafeteria for K-2 and Gym for 3-5. Parents can walk to the 19th street doors at dismissal when my team will use 2-way radios to bring students to their parents from the cafeteria (grades K-2) and the Gym (3-5) as quickly and smoothly as possible.


As our new Parent Coordinator, Ms. Marrero is starting next week, our Parent Handbook is will continue to be updated, translated, and will be shared as soon as possible. My link to my virtual office will be shared at the same time. 


Parent Engagement Time & Meetings

As we had in the past, Parent Engagement time will be held every Tuesday from 2:40-3:20 pm. Other meeting times can be scheduled by teachers with parents. An agreement to meet in person must be made between staff members and parents. In addition, we will continue to utilize the Zoom platform to ensure a level of comfort during the ongoing pandemic. We will work with you to maintain a strong home-school connection. I will also work with the PTA to find some creative ways for parents to be able to come into the building for meetings/tours/events while still being able to follow distancing and safety protocols. For now, only Pre-K parents will be allowed to escort their children into the building during the first week of school because they will be in small groups. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI):

This year we will continue our work with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committees. D15's Diversity Coordinator, Gina Geller, and District 15 will assist us in having courageous conversations and in acquiring the right outside agency to support this work that will begin within the first months of school. In addition, all classroom libraries will be receiving many books that will better represent all of the students that make up our school community. There will be additional PDs and training that will be offered to the entire staff and parents through the district and Brooklyn North throughout the school year.


Our Social Studies Planning Committee will continue to use the CRS-E framework, along with the Passport curriculum, and Culturally Responsive Scorecard to plan units of study that will offer multiple perspectives throughout history. The DEI Virtual Rooms will be utilized and updated as we go through the school year. We will be looking for additional ways to incorporate many voices in literacy, math, read alouds and Science while using projects for student collaboration and learning.


In the midst of the challenges we are currently facing, I truly believe we can find our strength to move forward together and bring our community to a place that we can all be proud of.


With best wishes,

Lisa Pagano



We are pleased to announce that our after school program with NIA Community Services Network will be starting on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Details are here, and you may register here. Questions can be directed to Phyllis Smeragliuolo by email (phyllis@niabklyn.org) or by phone (718) 236-5266. Please register by August 15.

Our goal is to raise $200 per student.


If every PS 295 family donated just $25 per student, we'd have $10,000 to put toward programs and supplies.