Important School Updates

  • Parents free training from the Center For Autism and Related Disabilities.

    We would like share this opportunity for paraprofessionals and parents who wish to learn about working with students on the autism spectrum.

    Anyone who is interested may register for this course.

    Register online:

    Area of Support

    Paraprofessionals and parents free training from the Center For Autism and Related Disabilities.

    (Heading/Title): Virtual Sessions

    The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities offers online self-study sessions for professionals and parents on the topics below. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed after your registration is completed.

    • A Training for Mental Health Professionals: An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders and Co-Existing Anxiety

    • Addressing the Core Deficits of ASD in the Classroom:  Supporting the Understanding and Development of Peer Relationships

    • Behavior Contracts: A Powerful Tool to Assist Students with ASD in Reaching Their Goals

    • Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorders

    • Encouraging and Shaping Desired Pro-Social Behavior in Students with ASD

    • Executive Functioning Strategies to Keep Individuals with ASD Organized and On-Target

    • Learning Better Ways to Cope: Teaching Individuals with ASD Skills to Replace Challenging Behaviors

    • Promoting Cognitive Flexibility in Students with Autism

    • Promoting Success and Independence in Individuals with Mild to Moderate ASD: The Role of Adaptive Skills and How to Address Them in Your Daily Practice

    • Replacing Challenging Behaviors and Improving Quality of Life With Functional Communication Training

    • Strategies to Motivate Individuals with ASD in the Classroom and at Home

    • Supporting Students with ASD: Mindfulness in the Classroom

    • Thinking Differently: Social Cognition and Social Motivation of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

    • Using Power Cards and Behavior Mapping to Support Pro-Social Behavior

    Paraprofessional Five-Part Series

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Brief Overview - Paraprofessional Series Session 1

    • Thinking Differently: Keys to Understanding Students with ASD -  Paraprofessional Series Session 2

    • Helping Students with ASD Overcome Challenging Behavior - Paraprofessional Series Session 3

    • Creating Visual and Environmental Classroom Supports for Students with ASD - Paraprofessional Series Session 4

    • Role of the Paraprofessional - Paraprofessional Series Session 5

    Download Flyer here

    Register online:

    P.S. 295
  • FTA - First General Meeting

    Every month, the week prior to the General FTA* (PTA) meeting, a meeting for the FTA EC (Executive Committee) will be held.
    All are welcome to attend and observe the EC meeting. We will try to give 10 days notice for both the EC and the General meeting.


    The first FTA Executive Committee meeting will be held on 

    Thursday, Sept 14, 7-8pm via Zoom. 


    The first General FTA Meeting will be held on
    Thursday, Sept 21, 7-8pm via Zoom.
    Spanish translation will be provided for the General Meeting.


    Zoom links will be sent prior to meetings.


    -FTA EC


    *The PS295 PTA changed its name to the Family Teacher Association (FTA) two years ago to respect the lived experiences of primary caregivers who are not parents.


    ¡Hola a todos!


    Cada mes, la semana anterior a la reunión general del FTA* (PTA), se llevará a cabo una reunión del CE (Comité Ejecutivo) del FTA.
    Todos son bienvenidos a asistir y observar la reunión del CE. Intentaremos avisar con 10 días de antelación tanto al CE como a la asamblea general.


    La primera reunión del Comité Ejecutivo del FTA se llevará a cabo
    el Jueves 14 de septiembre, de 7-8 p. m. vía Zoom.


    La primera reunión general del FTA se llevará a cabo
    el Jueves 21 de septiembre de 7-8 p. m. a través de Zoom.
    Se proporcionará traducción al español para la Asamblea General.


    Los enlaces de Zoom se enviarán antes de las reuniones.


    -FTA CE


    *La PTA de PS295 cambió su nombre a Family Teacher Association (FTA) hace dos años para respetar las experiencias vividas por los cuidadores principales que no son padres.

    P.S. 295
  • Crossing Guard Shortage City Wide

    Dear Friends,
    Currently, there is shortage of School Crossing Guards citywide, and due to this shortage many of our crossing post are left unmanned
    placing the safety of our students and their families in a danger while traveling to and from school. In an effort to help alleviate this issue
    The NYPD is asking you to help the city recruit SCGs. Please circulate this information to your friends and family.
    P.S. 295
  • New Staff Introduction

    Good afternoon,

    Hopefully, you are enjoying your final weeks of summer vacation.  I am looking forward to welcoming everyone into the building again next week.  In particular, it gives me great joy to welcome the newest members of the staff.

    First, I would like to introduce PS 295’s new interim acting assistant principal, Ms. Echeverri to our community.  She comes to us from PS 169 and is a dedicated and experienced educator with a strong background in educating English Language Learners.  Over the years, she has also demonstrated commitment to equity in schools through her leadership practices in fostering culturally responsive practices. Her strong leadership skills, commitment to empowering all learners, and her warmth are the qualities I hope you come to appreciate as much as I do. 

    Lisa Shapiro will also be joining the PS 295 team as our new SETSS teacher.  She comes to us from PS 29 with a long history of supporting neurodivergent students. I have every confidence that her background of inspiring students to learn through creative avenues will enrich the lives of all the students at PS 295.

    I am looking forward to introducing you to both of them in person during the school year.

    All the best,

    Ms. Vanderpuije

    Principal, PS 295

    P.S. 295
  • Jeannette Echeverri - Assistant principal, I.A.

    Dear P.S. 295 Community,

    First and foremost, I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve as your newly appointed Assistant Principal alongside Valerie Vanderpujie. As a proud product of Brooklyn public schools, Sunset Park resident and educator, I am excited to continue my journey in serving the community alongside you. 

    I have served more than 15 years as an educator, striving to balance academic and social emotional learning for English Language Learners in the New York City Public School System. Beyond my daily classroom duties, I have been able to further promote and strengthen students’ social and emotional skills and set up processes and tools to create more caring school communities.  Navigating through a myriad of challenges and experiences has provided me with insight into becoming a leader, which has led me to the P.S. 295 community. 

    I feel a responsibility as a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, as a Latina, and as a vital member of the community to work effectively in varied projects and activities that sustain changes in the context of diversity and to collaborate with all stakeholders in the educational pipeline for the advancement and well-being of our community. My compassion and cultural ethos as a puertorriqueña and community servant are integral to all I say and do. 

    With the emotional support from my husband, son, parents, sisters, and two dogs (Snickers and Hersheys); I am here with you as a partner in education. I look forward to getting to know you and collaborating with you in the brilliant work you are already doing; creating an environment of life-long learning and celebrating the successes of the school community through the arts.


    Jeannette Echeverri

    Assistant Principal, I.A.

    P.S. 295
  • Lisa Shapiro - Special Education Teacher Support Services


    My name is Lisa Shapiro, and I'm thrilled to be stepping into the Special Education Teacher Support Service role, SETTS, at PS295. I'm from PS29 in Cobble Hill, where I worked while attending Bank Street College of Education for my dual master's degree in Special Education and General Education. I came to teaching after years of working as a technology reporter. As my three children became teenagers, I started teaching after writing about my dyslexia. I was diagnosed in the second grade and benefited from early intervention. I know what it is like to struggle to learn to read. As a parent of a neurodivergent student, I've participated in IEP meetings and worked with my child's teachers to navigate the obstacles of their unique learning path. My experiences as a student, parent, and teacher inform my practice. When I'm not at PS295, you can find me bird watching in Green-Wood Cemetery, ice skating in Prospect Park, walking my dog Luli, or playing pick-up Pickleball at Brooklyn Bridge Park.


    Lisa Shapiro

    P.S. 295
  • First Day of School - September 7, 2023

    DOE's school calendar was just posted on their website.  Here is the link so you can better plan your holiday's in advance: DOE School Calendar

    8:20 am arrival

    2:40 pm dismissal

    P.S. 295
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Upcoming Events

  • Yom Kippur - School Closed

    School closed in observance of  Yom Kippur.

    P.S. 295
  • Middle School informational

    5th grade families will be provided with a link to log in an learn information on how to apple for middle school.

    P.S. 295
  • School Closed -Italian Heritage/Indigenous People Day

    School closed in observance of Italian Heritage/Indigenous People Day.

    P.S. 295
  • Middle School Admissions

    Middle School Application Opens today!

    P.S. 295
  • 19th Street Court Yard

    Cafe Conmigo

    What is Cafe Conmigo?  - Cafe Conmigo is an open forum where families come together over a cup of coffee and:

    Ask other families question about the school and experiences.

    Where families can provide suggestions for workshops or activities.

    Families meet other families who share the same ideas or visions but never had the opportunity to speak to them.

    Feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Empower families to voice their ideas.


    P.S. 295
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