PS 295 is a community that understands that students have both talents and challenges. We believe that each child has the potential to meet high standards. Our flexibility comes in creating individual plans that provide students with specific supports that help them meet the standards. 

By nurturing strengths and talents, as well as recognizing that all children learn in different ways, we believe that an arts integrated curriculum and a character development focus cultivates a more meaningful discovery of self. We strive to support students socially, academically, culturally and artistically by incorporating Universal Design for Learning in all areas of the students’ school life. Our strong professional development program provides ongoing learning and leadership opportunities for all staff members, while offering students an exemplar for becoming lifelong learners and leaders of the future.

The curriculum at PS 295 utilizes a balanced literacy approach, with arts integration in the content areas. It is designed to help students become confident, competent readers and independent learners. Small group instruction and cooperative learning approaches allow for effective assessment and teaching.

Twice a year, school administration holds grade snapshot meetings for families in each grade to learn and ask questions during an in-depth discussion. 

The Arts

PS 295 students have creative movement, art, music and drama classes weekly. The arts are an integral part of the core curriculum at PS 295. We also follow the “Citywide Blueprint” curriculum written by the NYC Department of Education to provide every child with a quality arts education.


Grades Pre-K through 5 have weekly science classes where they engage in hands-on learning and are provided with opportunities for exploration.

Social Studies

Grades Pre-K through 5 have weekly social studies classes integrated into the literacy program by the classroom teacher.


​PS 295 follows the workshop model for teaching literacy based on the balanced literacy approach. Teachers implement reading and writing workshops by collaboratively planning units of study. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of the diverse student population.


PS 295 follows the workshop model for teaching mathematics and Go Math as well as our own investigative math. Each class starts the day with “morning math” and includes at least one period of daily math instruction.