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PS 295 and Community

We have such wonderful news!  As of today Wednesday, August 31st we can official announce the new playground is open to the public.  Please stop by and enjoy!

Playground 1

Playground 2

Playground 3

PS 295 Chess Team

Freedom to Dream Day / Latino Heritage Celebration

Picture Day

Chicle Workshop

FDNY Fire safety for our school children


FTA - PTA Merchandise Sale


School is the place to Bee!

  Please encourage children to be ready and on time for school.  This is our perfect attendance board which is updated monthly.


Black History Month - Celebrating Inventors


Chinese New Year Celebration

Perfect Attendance Tie Dying Party

FDNY - PS 295 Family Hands on CPR Training Class

PS 295 Gardening

Redhawk Native American Arts Council

The Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a not for profit organization founded and maintained by Native American artists and educators serving the tristate area. Since 1994, the Council is dedicated to educating the general public about Native American heritage through song, dance, theater, works of art and other cultural forms of expression. The council represents artists from North, South, Central American, Caribbean and Polynesian Indigenous cultures.

The arts council also hosts festivals, workshops, theater presentations and educational programs, addressing stereotypes and fostering an awareness of Native cultures from a historical standpoint, with a focus on contemporary cultural practices.

Here is a few pictures of their performance at PS 295.    

Wacky Hair Day


PS 295 Fitness Day


Nature Walk -Explore the natural world through creature vision. Join us for a nature walk around the school as we use low tech tools to experience how animals and insects see size, color and shapes.


Touch -A- Truck

Celebrating the Arts at PS 295

Silly Sock Day