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NYC Reads

NYC Reads

Beginning in the 2023–24 school year, we will be launching an initiative called NYC Reads. The goal is to ensure that all New York City students become strong readers, which is the single most important skill required for educational, career, and lifetime success. Based on extensive research, NYC Reads will ensure that pre-K and elementary school students receive the most effective reading instruction materials and methods.

Phasing in over two years, NYC Reads will require all early childhood education classrooms to adopt a single, uniform curriculum called The Creative Curriculum, while K-5 schools will choose one of three pre-approved, phonics-based reading curricula that have proven to be effective. The new literacy program will be implemented in 15 community school districts in 2023-24, with all districts adopting it by the following school year.

About the Curricula

A curriculum is how standards, or learning goals, for every grade and subject are translated into day-to-day activities. As part of the NYC Reads initiative, all schools will implement one of three comprehensive evidence-based curricula for reading instruction that includes grounding in phonics.

Guide to Summer Reading