PS 295 Chess Team

PS 295 Chess Team

295 Chess Club & Team

295 Chess Club & Team

We are offering a free trial class to introduce new players to our team! The team features instruction, game play, as well as community building. We welcome players of all skill levels including complete beginners! Below are some highlights of what we have to offer as a program.

Our program stands out from other programs by:

  • PS 295’s team spirit is highlighted with each fully registered child having a team chess shirt to represent our school

  • We offer all fully registered student’s access to’s premium features - an incredible learning tool that kids use to train on a weekly basis. Because of our emphasis on training, even complete beginners will surprise themselves with how much they are able to learn and take in!

  • Each class is provided a snack and is then split into groups according to skill level/ability to allow each child to receive the most optimal learning experience

  • We hold weekly and monthly tournaments that our team will compete in where we will go up against other schools. Team and individual awards are given at these events. 

  • Full day training camps will be held during school closure dates. Training camps are open and suited for children of all levels. These are days of game time, recess, instruction and fun with lunch provided.

  • Our goal is to develop a team that will compete at top events such as the State and National championships.

  • We meet every Thursday starting this Thursday 9/22

To take advantage of the free trial offer or for any other financial aid assistance, reach out to! Free trial class is limited to the first 20 signups!