Valerie Vanderpuije, Principal

Valerie Vanderpuije, Principal

January 26, 2024

Hello PS 295 Community!

It is hard to believe that we are roughly at the mid-point in the school year. In December, we were able to celebrate our school-wide parranda in which students greeted the holiday season with music. We recently celebrated Class Visit Day
(formerly known as Bagel Bits). The December Class Visit Day was focused on DEI to share ways that classroom teachers incorporate the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion into each classroom.

We are getting closer each day to the production of our Winter Performance of Peter Pan. Students have been working hard with Ms. Cat, our drama teacher, to rehearse for the show. Many thanks to all the parents and staff-members who are working to make this performance a success including Mr. Laster, who has been helping with the sound and Ms. Shen, who has been working hard on set design. The show will be performed
for students on the morning of February 1, so that every student has the opportunity to see the performance. Evening performances will take place on February 1st and 2nd at 6:30.

While we are always looking forward to the celebrations and performances that make
P.S. 295 a special place to be a part of, it is also important to remember to take steps to safeguard our health during the cold and flu season. Here are some reminders about how to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. This information can also be found in the DOE Health Guidance and Resources for Families (see link below):
Rest can help you and your child get better sooner, and it helps prevent the spread of germs. If you do find that your child is not feeling well, here are some things to keep in mind:

● Children with diarrhea should stay home until the diarrhea has stopped (stools are formed).

● Anyone with a fever should stay home until 24 hours after being fever free or until their doctor says it is okay to go back to school or daycare. They should stay home for at least 5 days if they are diagnosed with COVID-19.

● If your child is having difficulty breathing, call your doctor right away.

● If your child has symptoms of COVID-19, get them tested. If your child is positive, have them stay home and separate from others for at least 5 days, and talk to their health care provider about treatment.

● Please call your school or school nurse to let them know if your child has a confirmed diagnosis of an illness that can spread to others.

As always, I thank you for all you do to make P.S. 295 a truly special place where all students can thrive.

Valerie Vanderpuije